5 Ways to Make Money Online in 2020

As we’re stuck in our homes due to lockdown during the ongoing pandemic, why not make it useful and earn money without leaving our homes. There are real ways to make money online, and people are actually doing it. There are plenty of online business ideas you can try by using a laptop and a steady internet connection including freelancing, affiliate marketing, and so many more. Here’s the list of 5 best ways to make money online in 2020.

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1: YouTube

Recently, YouTube has become the latest trend and the easiest source to earn money. According to Forbes, the top earner on YouTube 2018 was a kid named Ryan with the YouTube channel name “Ryan’s World” who has earned $22 million (22.4 million subscribers). In fact, even you can too earn money online through YouTube by uploading interesting and informative videos of any type to attract the audience to your channel and get maximum subscribers and views. So if you’re comfortable in front of the camera and want to earn through videos, you’ll need to decide what type of content your channel will have. For example, you can have entertaining content including web series, reviews, gaming, pranks, dramas, etc or you might go for educational contact which includes most of the “How To” videos to learn new things. Youtube offers 5 main ways to monetize your channels through the YouTube Partner Program which includes

  • Ads Revenue
  • Channel Membership
  • YouTube Premium
  • Super Chat
  • Merchandise

2: Freelancing

Freelancing is recently becoming a popular way to earn money from home or anywhere. People having writing, designing or other content creating skills can earn so much through a ton of freelance sites and apps. The demand for freelancers has increased recently to an extreme level than it was ever before back in a few decades. You can start freelancing through some of the popular sites such as

  • Upwork
  • com
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • 99Designs

If you have digital skills such as SEO, video editing, graphic designing, content or blog writing, data typing, and other skills, you can get started with a high paying freelance online career in no time. To succeed in freelancing, you need to establish a niche that you excel in, build a profile, great some samples, and start earning.

3: Social Media Manager

If you have social media marketing sense and can attract maximum viewers to an account, then you can become a social media manager and get paid for that. Many businesses are realizing that social media is becoming the marketing of the future and they can expand and promote their brand. Hence, for managing their accounts on social media, they are hiring people like you and me. They will give you a task like a post on Instagram on Facebook as per their choice, and then pay you money from $60-$150 per week. If you can manage multiple accounts at the same time, then this might fulfill your earning dream.

4: Become An Influencer

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to build a personal brand to earn money online and raise awareness among your audience. Many celebrities earn a huge sum of money through their social media posts. A real-time example would be if Kylie Jenner, who makes more than $1 million for every sponsored post on Instagram making her the highest-paid influencer and the youngest billionaire. You do not need to be a celebrity to become an influencer, you just need to have a massive following base is that sponsors can contact you. You can make money by charging for sponsored posts, sell photos, get paid as a brand ambassador, adding affiliate links in your bio and more as an influencer.

5: Affiliate Website Marketing

Affiliate marketing is incredibly easy to make money online and generate a living income you’ve been dreaming about. If you have your own blog or website or have a good presence on social media, you can earn a great deal by promoting all sorts of businesses, companies, products, services, etc online. You can earn a commission from sales when a reader buys through your link. Many companies offer affiliate marketing such as Shopify, Amazon, Uber, and many others.

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