Are Skills More Important Than a Degree?

Today, I’ll share article about, Are Skills More Important Than a Degree? The world has long survived this debate of skills vs degree since quite a while now. Especially when qualification became a pre requisite to acquire white collar jobs. Middle class families had started to take pride in being highly qualified and managed to move up in the social circle but really, how long does a degree keep you entertained in the corporate world or practical industry? How does a degree provide you with job security?

Well, this is an entire argument in its own. People might have quite extremist views on both the sides, but let’s trace back to history.

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Remember barter system era? Did people had degrees back then? No right? But they surely had skills to earn bread. They had skills to live a decent life. Skills which were passed down in the family lineage and created generational chains. A shoe maker’s son ended up being a shoe maker and a tailor’s son ended up making clothes for other. Due to a system like this, there was little possibilities to explore other options. The introduction of a degree system helped people explore other opportunities and learn different skills. Skills they are genuinely interested in and not just the ones they pursue because that is what they have learnt from their families. The degree system also helped people move up in terms of social class until people started to misunderstand how the mechanisms work. Having a degree merely meant learning something and proving it via a piece of paper. The concept of earning a degree shifted into theoretical world in the modern era and that is where it lost its essence. A lot of recruiters complain that almost all degree holders lack practical implications.

Besides, the corporate world these days is so competitive that having multiple skills is quite important, whereas degree holders usually specialize in one or a few skills.

So no skills are not more important than a degree. Each of them has its own advantage. Its rather safer to say that having skills is equally important as having a degree.

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