First Company Worth $2 Trillion

Apple Becomes First U.S. Company Worth More Than $2 Trillion. Apple is an American multinational technology company that has a net worth of $2 trillion.¬†According to a foreign news agency, the technology company Apple had to close several of its stores this year due to the global epidemic Corona virus, but despite this, the company’s shares have increased by more than 50%.

On the other hand, Amazon is the second most valuable company after Apple with a value of 1.7 trillion dollars. The shares of Amazon company have also increased during the Corona virus.

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The third most valuable company after Apple and Amazon is Google-owned Alphabet, which is worth more than 1 trillion.

Recently Apple has introduced the new Apple Watch Series 6 and Apple Watch SE. Many of the rumors surrounding the Apple Watch Series 6 have been confirmed, so there was no big news about the Apple Watch at the event.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is an updated version of its predecessor Series 5 with many new features added. It has Apple’s new S6 chipset. Regarding the new dual-core chip included in it, Apple claims that it is 20% faster than the S5 included in the Apple Watch Series 5.

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