Google’s new feature to prevent accounts from being hacked

Leading search engine Google has introduced a new tool for users to prevent various accounts from being hacked, hacking has become a big problem for users and technology companies themselves. Google has introduced a new tool for Chrome users to prevent various accounts from being hacked, Google Chrome browser users on Android and iPhone will be able to learn about password hacking.

This feature was previously available in computers but now it has been introduced for smartphones as well. This feature will send usernames and passwords to Google servers to check if hackers have been involved in data hacking.

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Google itself will not be able to see the user’s username or password, but will only be able to check that it does not match the details obtained by hackers. This feature will only work if the user has stored their passwords in Chrome. Keep in mind that millions of crores of online accounts are hacked every year due to bad or weak passwords.

Every year since 2011, a password 123456 has been called the worst password and surprisingly it is the favorite password of millions of people. The second most used word is the password itself, followed by 123456789.

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