How 5G will change the world?

The world is ready to change always with the implementation of fifth-generation technology for telecommunication networks worldwide. It is considered to pave a path for a safer and wireless future. But what’s all the hype about 5G? In this article, we will discuss how 5G will change the world in the future.

What is 5G?

Up till the current date, people have utilized a mobile handset and are acquainted with 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. Basically, the G in 5G stands for “generation” and it is the latest advanced fifth-generation technology which is a significant evolution of today’s 4G LTE networks.

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As we know, 2G offered basic services, for example, CDMA, TDMA, and GSM, with 3G, services like HSPA, EVDO, and UMTS were introduced, increasing the mobile speed up to megabits/sec whereas when 4G arrived offering LTE, a significant advance in wireless communication delivering up to gigabit-caliber data speeds. Now, an even advanced technology, 5G, offers faster data transfer boasting greater device connectivity, increased responsiveness, and adds an additional perk of the capability to connect with more devices proving its significance for the Internet of Things. But it’s not just about speed. Networks will also have more capacity and be more responsive than with previous generations of wireless. Moving from 4G to 5G isn’t just a one-step up the game, but it’s more like moving from a typewriter to a PC.

5G offers:

  • prompter data speed
  • low latency communications
  • higher data capacities for mobile devices
So, where will 5G take us?

5G is reflected as a revolutionary technology that will obliterate the boundaries of communication, bandwidth, and latency limitations in the field of telecommunication all around the world. It has the potential to enable fundamentally new applications such as smart factories and businesses, autonomous vehicles, eHealth, smart cities, smart homes, and dramatically improve the quality of life. It is estimated that 5G will generate more than 10 trillion USD of revenue by 2035.

  • Factories of the Future: Fifth generation (5G) technology is expected to be a revolutionary factor for creating smarter factories in the near future. They will not only provide a uniform communication platform for new business models but also overcome the drawbacks of current communication systems. It will clearly bring about an “industrial revolution” as it is 100 times faster than 4G. It is allowing the creation of unknown as well as improving the current traditional system of communication.
  • Autonomous Transportation: Can 5G technology bring autonomous cars and jets into a public sphere? I think it can be the technology which can make this possible. Indeed, some are considering it the “oxygen” of self-driving vehicles. 5G works faster and more complex than 4G due to which it could revolutionary the system of driving and flying to a whole new level. That could bring about the production of better, more intelligent, more secure vehicles that can, in a split-second, change routes, avoid accidents, and allow vehicle-to-vehicle communication — where cars exchange their location, speed, acceleration, direction, and steering faster to promote safe driving and flying.
  • Remote Robotic Surgery( eHealth): Remote surgery isn’t new, but 5G could make an enormous difference in providing health care to millions of people in remote locations, as well as training doctors in surgical specialties. Advanced robotics such as DaVinci robots are being used to perform surgeries for a number of years now but with the limitation of place as it can be operated often from a nearby room in the same hospital. But 5G permits doctors to perform surgeries from hundreds of miles away.
  • Real-time Gaming: Due to fast speed, 5G will allow gaming on an extreme level of reality without any technical glitches and lags. By 2025, 5G plans to reduce latency times of a millisecond—nearly instant, blurring the lines between real and artificial experiences.

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