How to Start Content Writing

Content Writing is one of the highest-paid skills in freelancing. It is always in demand and there can just never be enough content writers in the market. Learning this skill will not only make you creative but also help you in a lot of areas in life where writing is required. In this blog I will elaborate on how to start content writing and what should you avoid while doing so.

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1) Research a lot: No one is a know it all person but in this niche, you’re expected to be able to write on literally any given topic. Key to content writing is research. Learning never stops here. You’ll have to research subjects or topics you have never studied and self-educate yourself.

2) Keep it precise: No matter what the word count is, nobody loves to read an exaggerated article. So really just stick to the point and keep it simple.

3) Simplify complex topics: It is said that you really haven’t understood a topic unless you can teach it to a 5-year-old and make him understand those concepts. Always simplify complex topics for your targeted audience to help them understand the concepts.

4) Reflect your identity: This is a skill you learn with time but will surely help you to create a loyal audience. Adopt a unique styl[e of writing which you completely own. By the time you become pro in your task, your writing style will reflect your identity and help your audience recognize you.

5) Do not plagiarize: No. Just no. It is better to refuse a task than plagiarize it from one of the reference sources and give it your name. It is unethical as well as illegal in the freelancing market.

6) Always proofread: No matter how polished your skill set is, there is always room for human error. It is better to proofread and fix your own grammatical errors than having someone else point it out for you.

7) Understand your target audience: This is one crucial thing to excel in content writing. You need to understand who you’re writing for and then choose the appropriate vocab. E.g. You might have prior experience in writing content for musical concerts but you can certainly not use that language while updating a hospital’s blog.

Mehak Tariq

Writer and Blogger