How To Start Freelancing in Pakistan

The concept of self-employment has evolved with each passing decade owing to its advancements. Freelancing is a modern-day example of self-employment. The world is moving past the conventional office-employee setup. Rather than doing a 9-5 job, individuals now prefer to work for multiple clients at a time. This not only saves office costs but also saves time and has the potential of earning more money than a salaried employee. Pakistan has a major contribution in the freelancing market. It earns an average of 1 billion dollars annually. Forbes Magazine has ranked Pakistan fourth in the list of top 10 fastest growing freelance markets in the world. Up-roar to the huge exchange rate gap, Pakistan attracts some of the major US contracts which end up as a win-win situation to both the countries. Americans could pay way below the wage rate and Pakistanis would still be happy because that amount sums up to a lot after being converted in the local currency. So now if you are tempted to set-up as a freelancer, scroll down to know a few things which will come handy to you in your career.

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Recognize your area of expertise and create a portfolio:

This is the first thing you should do before launching yourself in the market. Create your own niche. Explore your interests. Find out if academic writing will work best for you or content writing, graphic designing, coding, video animations, etc.

Take courses to polish yourself:

Don’t forget that you will be competing with experienced competitors in the market. You might be really good in your niche, but taking up a free course online and polishing yourself will do no harm to you. One of the few leading sites includes Coursera, Udemy, etc.

Open a bank and easy paisa account:

Since all the earnings will be done online, you will need a bank account to obtain your payments. It is ideal to have your own account so you don’t have to depend on your acquaintance’s account for each payment. Clients in Pakistan usually prefer easy paisa as a mode of payment. It is recommended that you set your own easy paisa account to cater to your client’s preference.

Join groups on Facebook:

Once you are through with exploring yourself and creating a portfolio, start small. Before jumping in the main market, join a few freelancing groups in Pakistan. Take orders from there. It will teach you a lot. It will teach you how to market your skills and attract potential clients. Not only this, but it will also teach you how to deal with clients, take multiple orders at a time, and complete them. Some clients might also end up scamming you so the best way to deal with new/unknown clients is to ask for an advance at least on the first project.

Join Fiverr:

Fiverr is the hottest freelancing site in the world. Not only will you find independent clients over there, but you will also find firms looking for freelancers to extend them a contract. Fiverr is the sellers’ and buyers’ no.1 choice globally. It will help you earn in different currencies and enjoy the exchange rate conversions.

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