Is YouTube a good Career?

One of the most searching questions on google is “Is YouTube a good career”. So let’s get started to answer this question. YouTube is an American online video platform that was created by formal PayPal employees and later bought by Google. It’s the largest entertainment app used worldwide. The content found is quite diverse in nature. From your favorite dramas to cartoons, songs to movies, cooking recipes to guitar lessons, precisely everything you can think of, you can find there. YouTube is a community on its own. A platform where people interact with each other and keep themselves entertained.

YouTube is still my go-to app whenever I am stressed. The range of meditation techniques there is quite a stress relieving.

But how do people earn from that app?

According to the YouTube partner program you need at least 1000 subscribers to be eligible to monetize your account. Youtube pays $5 per 1000 subscribers. To finally receive the balance you need to maintain a credit of $100. The amount of money you make from YouTube is determined by the category of your ads and no. of subscribers.

YouTube stars are self-made celebrities. They have produced quality content and gathered the audience through their hard work, contrary to the idea of nepotism.

Besides, if you have enough subscribers and a good fan following, companies will reach out to you to advertise and market their products.

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But is YouTube a good career? Well, this is debatable. We can surely get into the pros and cons of choosing YouTube as a career and then decide.



1) Give quality content to the audience for having a better entertainment time. 1) Need a huge fan following to start earning. It could take up to 12 months to build it.
2) Another source of revenue/ side hassle 2) Too much of fame destroys personal time in public. Not everyone can handle it.
3) Fame and recognition. 3) Have to come up with creative content.
4) Modernization. 4) Need to learn proper editing of a video. So being creative is not enough.
5) Affiliate Links 5) Need to know how to deal with hateful comments and not take them personally.

Every career has its pros and cons. It is the same with YouTube as well. Where being a YouTuber can add value to your CV in entertainment history, it can also devalue you in a serious corporate environment.

How it is as a career is debatable over the fact of how one is as a person. Some people handle fame and attention with quiet grace and good tolerance power. They know how to interact with their audience and how to behave appropriately. They understand that they are a social icon. Their actions and behaviors will have an effect on their fans. Whereas some people are comfortable being an introvert. They might have a creative mind and appropriate video editing skills to attract a fan base but they might lack basics of how to interact or conduct themselves well in public at all times.

Mehak Tariq

Writer and Blogger