Jack MA Top 5 Winning Strategies

According to Forbes’s Jack MA is the richest man in China. We also recognize him, our very own Ali Baba. A person who seems to be winning at everything in life. A star whose success story took a toll over the internet. But is everything as star-struck as it appears from the other side of the screen? I don’t know what your answer is, but Jack Ma certainly thinks not.

Behind his success lies a track record of failure. Not just in terms of life, but also in some of his initial tech-startups. What kept him intact was the focus he had on his goal. Now, this might not sound much big of a deal, but it surely feels like a weary process when you hear criticism and taunts from the end of your failure tunnel. Jack Ma is a living example of how a poor kid, raised in the communist of China, grew to be one of the best tech minds in the entire of Asia.

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His journey consists of failures in nearly every walk of life. As an individual, he grew up poor. As a student, he failed his university’s entrance exam multiple times. As a breadwinner, he got rejected from nearly every place he applied to and as an entrepreneur, his business plans were severely criticized. Even Ali Baba was a new concept and no investor in China was ready to risk his fortune on Jack Ma’s business plan.

But did he give up? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Top 5 Winning strategies on life from Jack MA:

As an entrepreneur, philanthropist and strategic leader Jack Ma have some of the best advice for all the struggling individuals out there.

  1. Learn to listen to no: You can never move forward in life until you learn how to accept failures and face rejections. Make ‘listening to no’ one of your strongest motivators in life. Challenge your limits with every rejection that comes to your way.
  2. Step out of your comfort zone: This is a tricky one. This one challenges an individual both physically and mentally. Where this is proving to be a give-up point for a major chunk of innovative minds, learn to adapt from here, and set new challenges for yourself. Adapt to change as quickly as you can.
  3. Believe in yourself: This is one of my personal favorite from his compilation. Believe in yourself because there will be a lot of people doing the opposite for you. Believe in yourself, especially when no one agrees to do the same for you.
  4. Don’t plan: Okay this is a scary one. Our conventional ways of living dictates to always plan ahead. But maybe that is why we are stuck where we are. Plans give birth to hopes and targets and failure to meet them only invites disappointment in life. So really, try everything within your capacity. Give each stream a chance. And then decide what works best for you. (Fun fact: Our favorite tech-shot, Jack Ma, gave acting career a try in 2017.)
  5. Hire your weaknesses: The world is awestruck by Jack Ma’s vision and integration of technology. But is he really the tech expert of the plan? He says he’s not. He says that he has the utmost respect for his tech team because they create what he doesn’t understand at all. So even if your vision is out of your own capacity to achieve, believe that there will be someone out there, willing to turn your dreams into reality. And thus, you shouldn’t limit your vision to your own set of skills.

Mehak Tariq

Writer and Blogger