Leadership Lessons To Learn From Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai is an influential and one of the most successful leaders with strong beliefs. He has come a long way from humble, middle-class beginnings in India before becoming the CEO of both Google and Alphabet in December 2019. He is constantly working for people, providing them with basic needs to make their lives better and empowering the next generation as well as uplifting the Indian country technologically. His work and outlook toward success are iconic. His famous saying will ways be a motivation for the younger generation to come.

“It is always good to work with people who make you feel insecure about yourself. That way, you will constantly keep pushing your limits.”

In this article, we’ll look at some of the leadership lessons we can learn from the life of Sundar Pichai, who is an epitome of a leader.

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1: Be ambitious

Being ambitious is the first step to the ladder leading to success. Every big goal needs a big ambition. Sundar Pichai has been pursuing an ambitious character at Google and turned it around for Google Chrome. Nowadays, it is the most preferred cross-platform browser all over the world. He taught us to ambitious and never be scared to take any risks. Ambition combined with determination can be used as a fuel for motivation and there’s nothing you can achieve with it.

2: Good Communication Skills

Sundar Pichai is well known for his good communication skills with not only the audience or customers, but also VPS, bosses, and partners. His way of talking is always a simple, genuine, and crisp understanding of the psyche of the other person. Leaders need to be adept at communication to ensure success and earn massive respect.

3: Inspiration for others

Sundar Pichai has always been a source of inspiration for others due to his enthusiasm, innovation, work ethic, intellect, and professionalism. All these qualities define a true leader. A leader should constantly inspire his team and lead them towards triumph.

4: Stay focused and keep learning

Starting from a very humble beginning, Sundar Pichai completed his MBA from Wharton University and joined Google. He continued to contribute many key products of Google. He had a major role in the ultimate launch of Google Chrome in 2008. He didn’t stop there as by 2012, he became the Senior Vice President of Google Chrome. His dedication and persistent hard work led him to become the CEO of Google.

5: Earn Respect

Sundar earned an unmatched reputation at work due to his dedication to work. Everyone around him worshipped him, respected him, and appreciated him especially his team, his peers, and all those who use Google. The hallmark of a leader is to earn respect from not only your allies but also your rivals.

6: Build others up as well

The journey to the top is solo so it’s good to build others up as well as you go. Sundar Pichai is known for building strong teams that build off each other and help each other rather than bringing others down. He gave us a lesson that it’s better to build bridges than build walls as you go along the journey either it’s schoolwork or any work at a professional level.

7: Embrace Failures and learn from them

Sundar Pichai has taught us to wear our failures like a badge of honor rather than losing hope. During the journey to the top, setbacks are inevitable and everyone must face failures as failure and ambitions are like two sides of a coin. The Google CEO taught us to learn valuable lessons from your failures as they are not really setbacks but a learning experience.  In fact, setbacks are inevitable when you’re scrambling your way to the top.

Samreen Khan

Writer and Blogger