Make money on Fiverr without any skills

Today i’m more than happy to share this new article with you guys, I want to show you how you can make money on fiverr without any skills or online as a freelancer even if you have no skills and zero knowledge. I will show you five services five gigs you can publish today on fiverr and start making money online even if you don’t know anything so let’s start with number one.

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1: Removing image background

So number one is providing a service to remove image backgrounds now you may tell me hey i don’t know photoshop i don’t know how to work with images and editing and so on don’t worry i will show you now in one minute how we can remove the background of any image in one click but before let’s go to fiverr and search for “remove background from image job”, we have a lot of gigs that provides this service remove background image you can see the gigs “i will remove background from images” in the below screenshot.

fiverr gigs

So how we can remove an image background simply just go to this awesome website is for removing background from images. Now click on upload image and select an image from your computer it will process the image, remove the background from image and then will generate new image without background so just download that new image. Now you can provide this as a service on fiverr or any other freelancing platform so this is number one removing image backgrounds.

2: Website in-depth SEO report

Number two providing in-depth seo report for any website okay what is seo or an seo report if you go into fiverr and search for seo as an example you will find a lot of people offering seo services and some offering just an seo report in-depth about  a website to show them what’s wrong in their websites and help them rank on search engines. What is seo? It stands for search engine optimization and it’s a technique to optimize your website so you can rank on google or any search engine and get free organic traffic from search engines. So how you can provide in-depth seo report of any website if you have no knowledge simply use this website go to and enter your website URL and then click on Analyze Website, wait for a while and it will generate in-depth seo report for you.

So you publish this service on fiverr and when someone asks you for this report you just get his website ask him about his website and generate seo report for him like we explained above. This is number two providing an seo report for any website.

3: Designing html5 advertisements

Number three designing html5 advertisements. We all know many people use google adsense on their website, google put ad on their website and the website owner earn money this way. So most of the ad types are html5 ads, maybe someone will ask you to design an ad for him to publish on his website or he/she want to create a google ad campaign or whatever and he/she want a design now you tell me i’m not a designer how can i design such ads and i don’t have any experience before in graphic design or ad design or html5 so simply go to website called an awesome website to create banners and ads with a drag and drop editor and a huge library of templates, create your account and logged in to your account. It allows you to create Google ads Facebook ads native ads and a lot of more kinds.

Create your own banners with Bannersnack

4: Fiverr arbitrage or Reselling services

Number four is fiverr arbitrage or reselling services what do we mean by this you know we have a lot of websites providing freelancing services like like upwork like fiverr and so on so the idea here is to publish a gig on fiverr as an example or on freelancer and then resell it so you find a cheap gig here like for maybe five dollars ten dollars twenty dollars on fiverr here and then you publish on freelancer with a higher cost or higher price so and you earn the difference between the two prices. Let’s say i promote your business with native ads for around 99 dollars for one month on my website, a service i provide on my website so you can simply publish a gig on fiverr with the same service description and then you buy the service from here and publish on fiverr and you add a difference you can as an example publish it with 120 dollars or 150 dollars and so on. So go and find a service on fiverr and publish it somewhere else or find it other websites and publish it on fiverr and then you can end like a commission or the difference between the two prices. I hope the idea is somehow simple so in this way you will not worry about any skills and experience anything you just order it from here and published on the second website and you earn the price difference.

5: Commenting on blogs

Number five is commenting on blogs anyone now can open a blog post and comment on a blog if you go to fiverr and search for blog comments or whatever you will find a lot of people will tell you, i will give you high quality backlinks using blog comments I will comment on whatever blogs about these niches and so on so simply you can provide this service on fiverr by commenting on others blog so let’s go to my blog as an example let’s say i told you i want this service I want you to comment on my blog like twice a week or maybe three times a week and so on from different accounts so you simply up on my blog you go and open any article here and you read the article and then you go down here and comment on this blog i think the idea is somehow so simple you just provide a service by commenting on others blog this will help blog owners get more backlinks and increase the authority and the rank of their website so it’s somehow an seo service but you are providing a simple task which is commenting on others blogs i hope the idea is somehow simple this five ideas with no experience no skills zero knowledge you can start working today on fiverr or any other freelancing website and start as a freelancer online and make money online i wish you the best please don’t forget to read an article every day on my blog and change your life and boost your knowledge.

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