Pros and Cons of Social Media

Here are a few of the most common pros and cons of social media. It wasn’t long ago when social media was just another platform to cater to our social needs or our needs to stay connected. It was widely used for leisure than anything useful. Remember how crazy we were back then to be associated with it in a way or another? Lmao, our mothers could easily bribe us to do household chores in exchange for an undisturbed hour on social media.

The narcotizing effect was real. That hour would fly away like wind and before we realize, it would be time to shut down the computer. Over the course of decades, social media transformed better than the hot guy living down the street who was bullied for his looks back then in school.

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But remember all that glitter is not gold. Social media has its own sets of pros and cons!!

  • Eradicates the geographical distance and connects us: Remember that crush who flew to Australia back in grade 8? Well, social media was probably the only thing that must’ve kept your heart intact. It helps stay connected to people who are otherwise separated.
  • Ensures connectivity: One of the best features of social media is that it helps you to be there for people who might need you in odd hours. You can cater to the needs of your friends, relatives, managers, clients, etc. while staying connected to them within the privacy of your personal space.
  • Source of revenue: Marketing of your brand, if done right, can help attract potential clients and maximize your revenue.
  • Spread awareness: You can spread awareness about your business, potential threat to the general public (e.g. in times of rain or uncertainty, social media has been used to update safe routes which can be taken) or literally anything you feel like.
  • Breach of privacy: Social media has reportedly been misused in terms of privacy. For e.g. Clara decides to go to Starbucks at Xyz Street located in NY. She updates her location on Facebook for social recognition but now everyone on her friend list can view where exactly she is and what is she doing.
  • Cyberbullying: With the growing use of social media this has been a leading concern. You are not always sure who is chatting with you from the other end. Sharing of pictures and other private details has often resulted in cyberbullying and threats of leaking the information throughout social media.
  • Addiction: There has been plenty of reports written on social media that discuss its addiction and harmful effects. People have reportedly complained about being fatigue due to excessive use of social media.
  • Created misunderstandings: Where social media has improved long-distance relationships it has also created misunderstandings, taken away personal space, and led to quarrels resulting in break-ups or divorce.

We cannot deny the fact that social media is an important part of our life. Much of our lifestyle has integrated along with the advancements in social media. But it is also important to understand that everything has its pros & cons so better be safe than sorry!

Mehak Tariq

Writer and Blogger

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