Top 10 Freelancing Websites

Freelancers now have more options to earn money online than they previously had. If you are a freelancer, you presumably know how difficult and tiring it can get to find an online job.  However, there are freelancing sites that offer help to beginners as well as experts to look for online self-employment jobs. Here are the top 10 freelancing websites / apps to find jobs online that made to our list.

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1: Fiverr

Fiverr, the world’s biggest online marketplace for business tops our freelancing websites list. As per the name, you can start creating gigs for $5 per project. How interesting is that! If you are a beginner, it can prove to be a lucrative framework for you even if you don’t have any idea about the coding or design stuff. Simply examine the gigs other freelancers are making and check whether you can do that as well. If you can accomplish something extraordinary that clients might be happy to pay more than $5 for, then you can make a notable amount of cash here. The thing that makes Fiverr unique is that freelancers can create their own jobs based upon what they are good at, rather than applying for a job.


  • Easy and secure Communication
  • High confidentiality


2: Upwork

Upwork, formerly, is a cloud-deployed freelance platform with over 1.5 million clients. Regardless of where you are in your career or what type of work you do, Upwork offers something for every type of freelancer. It is the ideal place where sellers and buyers are effectively linked, offering to freelance to market their services at highly competitive rates. One of the perks is that you can sign up for free, and after a rigorous testing phase, you are good to earn as much you want.


  • Easy payment options
  • Long-term contract options


3: Toptal

If you are a top graphic designer, software developer, or finance expert having excellent English language skills, then Toptal is the freelance website ideal for you. This freelancing platform helps professional freelancers to connect with businesses or companies who are looking for top talent.  helps freelance professionals connect with businesses looking for top talent. You can get part-time, full-time, or hourly rate jobs whatever you need.


  • Quick Recruitment and corporate hires
  • Sufficient trial period (maximum 2 weeks)



This freelancing website is designed to help find business expert freelancers and hire them from all around the world. Whether you are a programmer or web developer, a content writer or graphic designer, is the most flexible and cost-effective platform you can find. Businesses who are offering jobs can easily be linked to freelancers from all over the world.


  • Flexible payment rates
  • Long-term relationship


5: PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a UK-based freelancing company that allows people to hire or to get hired in services reading to writing, designing, social media, web or business development, and much more. You can get paid either at fixed-job rates or hourly rates. It is used by businesses to connect with the international community of freelancers. Freelancers get constantly reviewed and rated as per their jobs.


  • Financial security
  • Worldwide Recruitment


6:, one of the pioneers and well-known outsourcing sites, was launched in the year 2003 and has now advanced into the world’s greatest freelancing platform. Recently, it became even bigger as it acquired two big giant freelancing sites: vWorker and Scriptlance. It is popular among freelancers as it allows them to easily find jobs and place a bid. If you are a freelancer, you can place a bid on projects such as writing, data entry, marketing, engineering, copywriting, data entry to name a few. Freelancer pricing plans are quite feasible and flexible, and even premium subscription is available at a low rate for monthly and annual packages. If you are searching for a spot to begin your freelancing venture, then Freelancer is an ideal place for you.


  • Easy and Quick progress
  • Easy bidding


7: Nexxt

Nexxt is a premium cloud-based freelance recruitment platform that offers a huge network of niche job posting sites. It is designed to connect highly skilled freelancers to businesses looking for great talent. With the advantage of easy communication between clients and professionals, freelancers can easily find a suitable project or job by going through advertisements displayed by the system. For freelancers, Nexxt is an easy employment solution, powering more than 50 niche career sites to make finding the perfect job.


  • Easy job search
  • Easy communication


8: TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is known for its quick daily service jobs. It permits both, freelancers and businesses/companies to get more tasks done all the more harmoniously and effectively. It is an online American platform that connects freelance labor with local demand, allowing clients to find instantaneous assistance with everyday tasks. You can look for various kinds of tasks such as housekeeping, grocery delivery, garden work, furniture moving and assembly, and other day-to-day errands.


  • Secure deals
  • Efficient connection with clients


9: Writer Access

If you are a freelance content writer, then Writer Access is the most suitable freelance forum you need. It is essentially a platform designed to connect authors, editors, and translates, proofreaders, and content planners, as it brings all the writing experts under one roof. It covers all kinds of writing jobs, including online blogs, articles, research papers, and many more. Not only this, but it also helps the content writers to write more flawlessly and efficiently by using tools such as keyword optimization, content analytics, etc.


  • Powerful content creation tools
  • Multimedia resources


10: 99 designs

This freelancing site exclusively includes designing gigs in the form of contests. If you are a designer with good skills, then this platform is surely made for you. You just need to work on the design brief put forward by the client, and if your design template gets approved, you are rewarded big prize money. It is famous for its flexibility and international reach for freelancers.


  • Comprehensive resource center
  • Flexibility to work

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