Top 5 Online Learning Platforms

In this blog, I will discuss the top 5 online learning platforms which consist of free courses. All you need to access them is a stable Wi-Fi connection and a gadget.

While integrating with technology, a lot of contemporary aspects of life have uprooted and settled with new norms. Access to basic education has been a global issue for quite a few decades and lack of it has paved the system for injustice around. Access to education has led to inequality in a lot of equations of society. Those who weren’t privileged enough to afford education for themselves were left behind with women who had higher dreams and had the capability to achieve them but were discouraged because educating them beyond a certain grade or even at all is like dishonoring the family name. And of course, what’s the point of educating girls when they eventually have to grow up to be homemakers?

With the upgrade in technology, even though the patriarchal mindset didn’t change, even though the financial disparity and means to afford education did not change, at least access to education changed. It evolved and improved into a favorable condition. Where people didn’t have the means to travel to acquire education, education traveled to their doorstep and fit into their gadgets. All sorts of gadgets ranging from high-end smartphones/laptops/tablets to a basic PC or an inexpensive smartphone that can be connected to Wi-Fi.

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YouTube is one of the oldest applications for entertainment and consists of videos from a broad range of categories. It doesn’t only feature your favorite movies or series, but it also contains educational videos of teachers who chose to vlog their syllabus. It is absolutely free to watch those videos and learn from them. And in case you don’t understand the lesson, you can conveniently watch another vloggers content and learn. That will save coaching fees as well.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is one of my personal favorites and definitely my savior back in O/A level days where basic schooling was so expensive yet inefficient that need of extra help would rise but the finances won’t allow getting tuitions. Khan Academy is one of the oldest e-learning websites in Pakistan. It has educational videos for every grade level and makes home-schooling even more effective. Khan Academy also has courses for SAT/GMAT/ECAT etc. which generally cost a fortune. These courses are taught extensively on Khan Academy and are totally free. They save time and energy and helps prepare better for the university entrance exams.


Coursera is an advanced learning website which is affiliated from a lot of top tier universities around the world and is incorporated into a lot of university courses. Almost every university makes its students complete a certain no. of MOOCs before awarding them their degree. It contains courses virtually taught by best teachers from around the world. You will find at least 4 relevant courses on your subject of interest here.


Udemy is an American online learning website aimed to teach professional adults and students. It not only provides educational videos of courses related to undergraduate/graduate degree requirements but it also provides courses on vocational learning and skills such as SEO, learning different languages, playing a guitar/flute/piano etc.

Academic Earth:

Academic Earth is an e-learning platform that has structured virtual courses and reflects the most thoughtful concept of education. Its content is a blessing for many unprivileged students who make use of it efficiently.

Mehak Tariq

Writer and Blogger