Transition of Contemporary Board Games to Online Games

Every living thing goes through the process of aging. From babies to plant seeds, each hit puberty and mature but who knew our childhood pals, our board games will age into a mature version of their own. Well, certainly I don’t remember running around the house, carrying that Ludo board, thinking that one day I will carry it on my phone everywhere I go to.

It is surely unbelievable how the board games transitioned from their original demeanor into real online digital games.

  • Ludo to Ludo Star: Ludo was initially known as Pachisi and it was created in India in the 6th The earliest development of this game has been acquired from its illustration on the Caves of Ellora. Its contemporary version was played by the Mughal Emperors and later transformed into a much elegant board game in England in 1896. Since then, the game has traveled all over the version and been modified up to different cultures in different countries across the globe. But it did not stop there. An Indian entrepreneur, Vikash Jaiswal, developed this board game into an application that could be run on android and IOS.


  • Chess to Chess App: Chess dates back to 1500 years. It was first discovered in the subcontinent. A board game for two players which involves the use of mind actively. It traveled from the subcontinent to Persia and was adopted by the Muslim World when the Arabs captured Persia. It then spread to Russia, Europe, and Spain. Chess soon became an icon of lifestyle. Its black and white pattern was a major hit in the textile industry and still exists as a fashionable print. The first world championship of Chess was held in 1886. It has always been looked upon as a symbol of wealth due to its pieces representing the hierarchy of an emperor rule. It involves a bishop, queen, castle, etc. The game did not go obsolete in the modern era of technology. It rather transformed into an app and is now played online with players from any geographical location you wish.


  • Scrabble to Lexulous: Scrabble is a board game in which its player’s format words using lettered tiles. It was marketed by James Brunot in 1948 and sold in Great Britain in 1954. A lot of countries came up with their own version of scrabble with the tiles lettered in the alphabets of their native language. The U.S has been hosting scrabble tournaments since 1973, engaging players from all over the states. The game is also popular amongst kindergarteners as it helps develop a sense of spellings and enhances vocabulary. The game was available on the internet by late 2008s, after being renamed to “Lexulous”.

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Technology has lately taken over all aspects of life. All of these games are easily accessed by the touch of a finger. The concept of online games helps its users to access any game at any time of the day, from whichever location they are at, without having to physically carry the game all around.

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